SABA Disease Spread Prevention/Sanitation Protocols

SABA staff is doing our best to keep the facility clean and sanitized to prevent spread of Covid-19 and other microbes. We want to assure our clients that, as much as is possible, SABA is making an effort to be safe and sanitary. Relaxation and massage are important ways to boost the immune system, so we do recommend keeping your appointments if possible.


  1. We wipe down doorknobs and other surfaces several times per day with disinfectant wipes or alcohol hand sanitizer and a tissue.

  2. After massage, we thoroughly wipe down the face cradle and face cradle supports with hand sanitizer and a tissue or disinfectant wipes. We also wipe down our lotion bottles, pumps and anything else we’ve touched with our hands – the stool, the hydraulic lever, the CD or IPOD player dials, heater dials etc.

  3. Hand Washing –as always, we wash hands (rub hands together with soap for 20 seconds) before and after massage, making sure to get in between fingers, backs of hands etc, as well as forearms and elbows if we used them during the massage.

  4. We avoid touching anything when we have massage lotion on our hands, before washing hands (or using hand sanitizer.) We use a towel or tissue to handle the door, stools, lights, dials, switches, etc. 

  5. We change sheets and pillowcases after each use and use a moisture barrier to protect layers under the sheets.

  6. We regularly sanitize desk surfaces, office machines, pens and pencils, keyboards, mouses and our phones on a regular basis.

  7. We stay home and cancel appointments if we are sick. If it’s allergies, we wear a mask.


  1. If you are sick, stay home. This applies to staff and clients/patients.

  2. If you are sneezing or coughing, stay home. If it’s allergies, wear a mask.

  3. Clients should also wash hands before massage or use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the clinic

  4. Avoid touching your face at all times –people become sick by bringing the virus or bacteria to their face after touching an infected surface.

  5. If you have to sneeze, sneeze into your elbow. Or a tissue. Discard the tissue after one use. Sanitize your hands afterward. 

  6. Sanitize your phone regularly. Recent studies show phones are loaded with microbes if not cleaned on a regular basis. They get laid down on surfaces, held in our hands, and moved up to our faces and are a source of spreading infections. Occasionally take off the protective cover and clean the whole phone with a wipe or hand sanitizer on a tissue. 

  7. Avoid crowds

  8. Namaste people instead of hugs and handshakes

  9. Stay hydrated, sleep a lot, stay calm – all things that help the immune system