COVID Protocols at SABA

SABA is a Healthcare Facility and by law, must maintain certain COVID protocols.

Masks are still required at all times in the building.   We ask clients/patients to text their provider before entering the building to time their arrival so that the use of the  waiting area is minimized.  We wish to avoid possible transmission of any virus’s by limiting crowding.  We  take time between clients to sanitize the rooms and filter the air  MOST IMPORTANTLY, we ask that if you have been ill, or have been exposed to someone who is ill in close proximity to you, please reschedule. Our best protection is keeping COVID and other viruses away from the clinic.  Summary of our protocols:

  1. Please wear a mask - you will leave it on for the whole visit, including during your massage

  2. Text your therapist when you have arrived, wait in your car until you get a response.

  3. Sanitize your hands when you arrive

  4. We will close in the treatment room. 

  5. Please reschedule if you've had a fever in the last 2 weeks, or been exposed to someone who has been sick, if you've had a dry cough, fever, flu symptoms or any other symptoms of COVID 19.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!